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Curry Conduit Services delivers a pre-qualified and pre-screened roster of industry leading suppliers who have been chosen for industry knowledge, experience, existing customer relationships and above all, their solutions to running a successful multifamily business. We strongly believe they can provide you with great services and products for your company.

Talk only to decision-makers. When you talk to a client of Curry Conduit Services, you are talking to their decision-maker as well. Don't waste your time with account executives or salespeople who can't negotiate a deal.

Lease Lock Institute for Rental Housing Studies (IRHS) SmartRent

Lease Lock

LeaseLock allows apartment communities to offer leases to propsective residents with NO security deposit. AND AT NO cost to the owner or manager. Talk about giving your your properties a competitive edge. LeaseLock will enable you to offer your new resident a reduced move-in cost as well as potential residents who might have been declined due to credit or income issues. Renter pays a low monthly fee starting at $19 per month, adding them to your LeaseLock Insurance Policy. Imagine if your communities were always filled, residents never missed a payment and your revenue shot through the roof. Offer LeaseLock instead of requiring expensive upfront security deposits or cosigners. If there are losses, file a quick claim for up to 6x rent, damages & turn costs.

Institute for Rental Housing Studies (IRHS)

The 13th Anniversary of the Institute for Rental Housing Studies (IRHS) will take place February 25 - February 28, 2020 in Park City, UT.

Qualified apartment executives are invited to participate at NO COST*. This includes all scheduled meetings, meals, receptions and lift tickets for three days skiing and/or snowboarding at Park City Mountain Resort and Deer Valley.

The IRHS is a great venue for thought-provoking meetings coupled with multiple opportunities to collaborate, share ideas and socialize with your peers. The IRHS above all provides a relaxed setting to allow participants unparalleled peer-to-peer exchanges, learning and networking with other corporate multifamily executives.

*Please note that the IRHS is for qualified multifamily executives involved in the ownership, management, development and/or investment of apartment communities. A credit card charge of $295 will be required to register for the program but the charge will be FULLY refunded at the end of the program if you attended any of the events or if you cancel within 14 days of the program. As always, participants are also responsible for all travel costs to and from Park City, lodging expenses, any on-mountain expenses, as well as any ski/snowboard rental costs.

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http://www.smartrent.comThe SmartRent platform gives property managers full control of locks, lights and thermostats in vacant units and common areas while providing a best-in-class smart home experience for residents. SmartRent has leveraged the best of existing smart home technology and built an enterprise layer over it so you can connect and control multiple properties from a single app. The SmartRent hub acts as the bridge between our cloud-based software and the locks, lights, thermostats and sensors in the units. And SmartRent's Android and iOS mobile apps are built using the best smart home principals with a focus on simplicity and sophistication to enhance the resident experience. Best of all the SmartRent hub is connected to the internet through wifi, ethernet and cellular, enabling the system to operate in areas where network infrastructure does not exist or need to exist. This powerful concept streamlines installation, reduces cost and provides control for every location in a community.